Isn’t that always the way it goes…

So, I originally intended to write once or twice a week.  And, I try to have all my weekend’s activities planned well before the weekend.  But, as is usually the case, things show up last minute or I miss an original announcement and find out about more things that might be fun!  So here are a few more for this weekend that you might enjoy.

11/18 – Chick-Fil-A on Gause Blvd is giving away Frosted Coffee from 3-5 pm.  Seriously, Chick-Fil-A keeps my family going with their free stuff!  These give-aways are typically honored in both drive-thru and walk in; they are one per PERSON (they will count the people in the car); and unless stated, do not require a purchase!  If it is something like “Free when you wear Saint’s gear” or “Free if you dress like a cow”, you can’t use it in the drive-thru.

11/19 – Chick-Fil-A in the mall is having their November Kid’s Club event from 11-2 (but they usually shut down early).  This month they are advertising Thanksgiving crafts!  They ask that you pre-register at  but they have never asked our name or if we registered.  I guess if they get overwhelmed with kids, they might.

11/20 – There is a bake sale on Moonraker Drive from 12-3.  That’s a long road, so keep driving until you find it.  No, it isn’t free, but it is a great way to support a mom trying to teach her kids about giving!  All proceeds will go to a TBD charity (something involving feeding the hungry).

P.S.  I am still learning how to navigate this site.  So, I apologize if it is kinda wonky. And, I think there is a way to subscribe, if you want to see when I post new things, but I couldn’t tell you how.  I’m working on it!  8*)



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